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Duracote DT-1 

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DURACOTE DT-1  (Printable PDF)


DURACOTE DT-1 is a solvent-based corrosion preventive compound. The dry film is firm, amber, translucent, and non-tacky. It is an excellent preservative for between operations and indoor storage of metal parts. DURACOTE DT-1 is especially suited for metal finishing lines where the rust preventive is immediately applied subsequent to operations such as alkaline cleaning, Black oxide, or phosphate coatings. DURACOTE DT-1 will resist emulsification of water carried into rust preventive bath and insures excellent protection of the metal part.

DURACOTE DT-1 is formulated to meet Military Specifications  MIL-PRF-16173E Grade 2, Class l.


 Item No.:


Specific Gravity @ 60F


Density, Wt/Gal. @ 77F

(6.6 lb./gal.)  



Film Type


Dry Film Thickness over      metal profile

1.0 mil..

Typical Theoretical Coverage   at recommended degrees F.

800 sq./ft.per Gallon  

Approximate Dry-to-Touch Time @ 77 F

3 hours

Approximate Cure Time

24 hours



DURACOTE DT-1 is formulated to be used as supplied. Thinning will affect film build, dry time and product performance. The maximum performance of this product can be achieved only when the metal surfaces are clean, and are free of rust and mil scale. Maxim recommends that the ambient and product temperature be 40 - 95 degrees F at the time of application. Apply by conventional dip, spray or brush. In dip operations, displaced water will collect in the bottom of the tank and should be drained and discarded periodically to assure proper performance. Take great caution with spray applications. DURACOTE DT-1 is solvent based and could ignite if aspirated in the presence of a source of ignition. Never apply heat or fire or explosion may result.

DURACOTE DT-1 Ensure uniform consistency prior to use. Continued stirring is generally not required. If the product thickens due to cold storage or loss of solvent during use, contact MAXIM. DO NOT ARBITRARILY THIN DURACOTE DT-1. Incorrect thinning will affect film build, dry time and product performance. Please read and understand Material Safety Data Sheet before the handling or use of this product.


DURACOTE DT-1 can be easily removed with mineral spirits or similar petroleum solvent, vapor degreasing, low pressure steam, or hot alkaline wash such as Maxim's DURACLEAN 215 alkaline cleaner.


DURACOTE DT-1 cures by solvent evaporation as it is a combustible liquid in its solvent form. Keep away from excessive heat, open flames and sparks. Use only with adequate ventilation. Adequate ventilation is required for proper cure and to ensure against formation of an explosive atmosphere. The partially cured film should not be exposed to ignition sources such as flares, flames, sparks, excessive heat or torches. Refer to MSDS for additional handling and first aid information.


Skin contact Wash with soap and water 
Eye contact Flush with water for 15 minutes
Ingestion Do not induce vomiting

Consult Physician if symptoms persist.


DURACOTE DT-1 is available in 55 gallon steel drums, 275 gallon totes and bulk quantities.

bulletD.O.T. (Department Of Transportation) Technical Name:  International or or or Domestic via Highway / Rail (in Bulk):  Petroleum Distillates, NOS, Combustible, UN Number 1268.
bulletOther Shipping Information: Domestic: Highway / Rail (non-bulk:119 gallon or less containers) Not D.O.T. Regulated.
bulletSee MSDS for additional shipping information.           

Read and understand the MSDS pertaining to this product before handling, storing or discarding this product.


For additional information,  product samples,  etc., please contact;



Fort Worth Texas

Metro (817)  293-4645


Information contained herein is believed to be correct and reliable.  However, Maxim Petrochemical Corporation does not assume liability for it or for recommendations of our representatives inasmuch as conditions and methods of use are beyond our control.  Further, we make no warranty, expressed or implied, of any kind regarding those products or their use and purchaser assumes all risks of use or handling either in accordance with directions or not


The information and recommendations contained herein are, to the best of the knowledge and belief of Maxim Petrochemical Corporation, accurate and reliable as of the date issued.  Maxim does not warrant or guarantee their reliability, and Maxim shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising out of use thereof.

The information and recommendations are for the user's consideration and examination.  Conditions of use are beyond Maxim's control and therefore users are responsible to verify this data under their own operating conditions to determine whether the product is suitable for their particular purposes and they assume all risk of their use, handling, and disposal of the product(s).  This information relates only to the product(s) designated herein and does not relate to its use in combination with any other material or in any other process.



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